November Coffee Break

Anticipating  Success

There’s something about autumn that makes us think of the ending of things—and the anticipation of life in spring.  Maybe you are looking at a demise in one of your business ideas, or you are facing an unexpected roadblock in your business. Even in the down turn, anticipate fresh life just around the corner.

In our October newsletter, we talked about intentionality. It’s true, we need to be intentional in planning for the future. But, every business goes through seasons. Sometimes, despite all of our planning, things go wrong and bad things happen. That’s when we need to readjust and set a new course.

Success is often found in the dark.

Columbus risked everything for what he believed. He dreamed, and he dreamed big. People laughed. He still plunged ahead. He didn’t succeed in what he set out to do, but he discovered a new world. History shows us over and over again that the greatest people are those who met difficult times and tumult change head on, making the best out of unexpected situations.

In your business, are you willing to think out of the box and pursue your dreams? Maybe like Columbus, you will ‘land’ somewhere other than where you intended. Will you consider it a failure or an adventurous opportunity?

That’s the essence of capitalism, when things are tough you either need to adjust and rethink your model or you will need to close your doors.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape.” In business, you have your plans. It’s good to plan. But, life throws us all curveballs. Are you willing to “roll with the punches” and look at unexpected detours and roadblocks as hidden blessings?

The past year has not been easy on many businesses. If you are one who has had to reconsider your angle, your product, or your image—take heart. In change and hard times, incredible successes are birthed.

Our frame of mind determines success or failure. Your company may be taking a different direction than you planned—see it as an opportunity to explore a brand new world. Look around, take stock of the situation, and make your next move.

Spring’s triumphant victory is in the air.

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